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Winter Season

Eagle Point becomes a Winter Wonderland starting around Thanksgiving! We carry Fresh Cut Trees, Our Own Handmade Wreaths, Logs and more!

Christmas Trees


We carry only Locally Fresh-Cut Grown Trees.

Tree wrapping, drilling, and fresh cuts are all free of charge services. Trees range in height from 5 foot to 9 foot.

They start arriving the day before Thanksgiving.

Douglas Fir & Fraser Fir

All of our Wreaths are Handmade at our Farm, with fresh, local greens!

Sizes range from 10"ring/18"finish to 16"ring/28"finish.

**We have a few with bows already on them or come inside the market to choose ribbon and we will make a bow for your wreath!

**Decorated wreathes are by order, usually finished within a few days. You may choose the wreath, ribbon and decoration to go on your wreath.


Logs & Cones

All locally grown, sizes range from 4"single stem to 10" branched.

Colors vary, red, white, pink, marble, jingle bells, monet, peppermint, sprayed, plum, burgundy, etc.


Wrapping and sleeving are free services.

We make our own Logs & Cones with fresh local greens and decorate them with Juniper, Holly Incense Cedar, Boxwood, White Pine, White Birch Branches & a Small Bow.

Log Sizes: S-10", M-12" L-14" XL-24"


*Please Order if you need multiples*

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