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Posted 5/9/2014 7:33pm by Gayle Ganser.

Stop on in this weekend. We have such a beautiful array of flowers, and gifts for not only mom but your garden. We have brought in some really unusual pottery and gift items plus some great herb baskets, and planters. Pray for nice weather to finally stick around. We have all your veggies and flowers for all your needs, plus mulch, potting soil and compost. Hope to see you soon. Open everyday in May!

Posted 4/13/2014 6:27pm by Gayle Ganser.

Just a brief heads up that we will be opening this Tuesday April 14th for the 2015 season. Looking so forward to seeing all of you. We have been very busy in the greenhouses growing some great new varieties and some favorite standbys too. We have stocked the bulk foods and the jams. Pottery arriving this week. First shoo-fly pies will be there Tuesday afternoon. And fresh produce coming Monday just in time. Over wintered perennial sale starts Tuesday and will run till April 26th. Some great perennials at last year's prices!


See you soon and Welcome Spring!!!


Posted 5/7/2011 7:05pm by Gayle Ganser.

Great gifts for mom and the gardener in your life. Our hanging baskets are unsurpassed this year. Beautiful mixed baskets overfowing with petunias, verbena, calibrochoa and more. Lots of perennials, and largest seclection of herbs  in the Valley. We have plenty of stock so stop on in this weekend. We are open Mothers' Day noon til 5. We also have gift certificates if you can't decide what mom would like. Hope to see you all. I think Spring has finally arrived!!!???

Posted 4/5/2011 7:43am by Gayle Ganser.

Welcome spring. Robins are nesting, daffodils are blooming, temperatures are slowly rising and of course Eagle Point is opening for the season. All sure signs that Spring is finally here. We will re-open on Tuesday April 12th. Stop in to say hello, see some of our new plant varieties and check out our annual over wintered perennial sale. These perennials were over wintered in our hoop house and are very hardy and on sale at last years perennial prices. Supplies are limited so shop early for best selection.

New this year we will actually be open for the Easter season. Usually Easter falls before our opening date, but this year because it is so late we will be open and offering unique Easter gifts, herb baskets, spring flowering arrangements to name just a few. Easter week we will be open Tuesday through Saturday, and closed Easter Sunday.

Other news our high tunnel is finally under construction, although moving slowly. Happy Construction arrived Monday the 4th and started squaring it off and putting in the ground posts. They hit a bit of a glitch when some of the fittings were wrong and they had to make do. Unfortunately they didn't come yet today I guess because they expect rain. Hopefully the rain holds off and we can get this project completed. We hope to be growing strawberries, tomatoes and peppers and maybe a few cut flowers in the house. Should give us some earlier crops and also some later ones into the season.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week. Please stop in and say hello. See you soon!

Posted 2/25/2011 1:53pm by Gayle Ganser.

Thanks to the Horticultural Group of Allentown Garden Club for inviting me to speak at their monthly meeting. The meeting was held at one of my old neighbor's beautiful West Allentown home. I had a great time. The women were welcoming, attentive and eager to learn some new things. Plus the luncheon of all homemade soups, salads, and of course desserts was delicious. I talked about how we got started in farming and greenhouse work and also introduced some of the new plant varieties we will be offering this spring. I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did. Thank you again ladies for having me. Look forward to seeing all of you in April.

We will be starting hanging baskets on Tuesday the first of March. And so my winter break comes to a screeching halt. But, I guess all good things must come to an end. I will still continue to walk the dog and blog on this site for as long as my work allows. Keep posted for news on planting and our new high tunnel project, which arrives on Monday. Let the fun begin!!!

Posted 2/25/2011 1:45pm by Gayle Ganser.

Monday, February 21st Tina and I traveled yet again through a bit of a snow storm to Lancaster, PA for a marketing managers conference sponsored by Penn State Extension.  Lots of people, good breakfast and great lunch. My philosophy is that if you walk away from a conference with just one good idea it was well worth it. This day started out very slowly. Tina attended two workshops and I attended two different ones. When we met for lunch neither of us had gotten our "one good idea" yet.  I was a bit worried that our time might have been wasted at this conference. But, alas, after lunch Tina sat through a retail display workshop and I sat through a money matters and SNAP( the new food stamp program) workshop. Tina made up for time by getting not one but many new ideas. I also pulled some good info from my talks. The end of the day was the keynote speaker, a business coach. He was interesting, informative and got you thinking. So as we drove home, a still dreary day, we decided we learned quite a bit and now have many great ideas to implement at the store this spring.

Posted 2/5/2011 10:50am by Gayle Ganser.

I realize that during a typical year most people have tired of winter by now. However, this year must be a record breaker. Even the most die hard cold weather lover must be growing weary. This past week Steve, Tina and I were to be at the Mid Atlantic fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference in Hershey, PA for three days. We were fortunate to actually get to one day, the last day. The rest of the week was spent shoveling, chipping and scraping. Our driveway at the farm is very long and keeping that clear has become a true challenge. This morning is the worst. I went down the hill with my ice grips on to feed my miniature donkey Noah and even with the grips had great difficulty. I guess it will be another day of inside cleanup and work. We were able to get out yesterday and visit my daughter Monica in Manayunk. Our son Joe joined us and we had a wonderful birthday celebration for her at a local restaurant.

We have just ordered a new 30' by 185' high tunnel which should be arriving Feb. 16th. Our hopes are to have this erected and ready to plant in by April. We had received a grant towards the cost of a high tunnel and needed to use it by May. Steve thinks we are crazy putting up such a large structure during a very busy time in the greenhouses, but we hope to have lots of help. I think this is a good move. We will be able to start tomatoes andpeppers much earlier and harvest much sooner than conventional growing outside. Plus we can extend the crops longer in to the fall. Keep posted for updates and pictures on construction.

For now its back to paperwork. Keep safe and warm. Think spring and beautiful Eagle Point flowers for your gardens!!!

Posted 1/14/2011 9:26am by Gayle Ganser.

Over the years as Steve and I attended conferences, trade shows and the like we noticed a disturbing trend. The farmers were getting older and there was very little new blood entering our industry. At times we were the youngest in attendance(and for those who know us we are not "young'). With todays focus on materialism and physical wealth, it is hard for any farm family member to feel the "call" to stay in there forefathers livlihood. Long hours, backbraking work and low pay are not on the top ten list of popular careers. Fortunately, we were not the only ones concerned about this dilemma.

In 1974 the beautiful 400 some acre Seem family farm located in Emmaus was sold to Lehigh County. Over the years many propositions for its use, like a golf course, were brought forward. In 2003 an "incubator farm"  to train new farmers was propsed. Groups like Friends of the Seed Farm, fought to keep the farm in an agricultural use. No decison was made and the farm remained a conventional farm for the time being. In 2006 Don Cunningham, Lehigh County, presented the "incubator farm" idea again along with enrolling the farm in farmland preservation. Finally, in 2007 the proposition was accepted, the farm was put in preservation and 25 acres of the 400 acres was set aside for this use. In 2008 Gerge De Vault suggested the name The Seed Farm, and it became so. In 2009 Tianna Du Pont, Northampton County Ag Extension, applied and recieived a $159,000 grant to implement the incubator farm. The demonstration grant enabled the farm to hire a manager, buy equipment and get started. In return the farm must periodically hold demonstrations on various farming practices, eg. irrigation, crop rotation, etc.

In 2010 a full time manager was hired and the first apprentices started planting in spring. Five apprentices started and three finished. Those three will now continue at the farm as stewards, leasing land and venturing on their own with the support of the farm. In addition they will serve as mentors to the incoming apprentices, of which there are five for 2011. We are proud to say that one of our employees Blake Unis has been accepted into this program.

This brings us to present day. Last night Steve and I were at the first official board meeting for The Seed Farm, of which we were asked to be members. I didn't know very much about this program but found it intriguing. I have learned much and am thrilled with the ideas and plans that were brought forth. This incubator farms makes it possible for people who are interested in farming to "test the waters", learn and experience farming before they jump in head first. I believe it is a great step in securing a future to agriculture in Lehigh County. Hopefully this can serve as a pilot for other programs throughout our commonwealth and continue to bring more young people into our industry. For more info check out

Posted 1/7/2011 11:51am by Gayle Ganser.

Just enjoyed a day and evening at Longwood Gardens. Visited with one of our employees Kaitlyn Sterner, who is a professional gardening student enrolled there. It is quite an honor to be accepted to this program. They only accept 10 out of some 60 applicants from around the world. To think that our Kaitlyn gained this prestigious spot. We are very proud of her and look forward to hearing about all her experiences over the next couple of years. Longwood Christmas display continues through Sunday January 16th. If you have never seen this, it is a real must. It was absolutely beautiful. When we arrived we walked through and visited the tree houses, the Dupont house and then the conservatory. After visiting then with Kaitlyn we went outside and all the lights were on. It was amazing. Unfortunately the fountain show was not running due to a frozen pipe, but it was still a very worthwhile trip. These are the kind of things we enjoy during our short time off from the market, greenhouses and farm. Before too long we will be in the greenhouses planting for spring. But for now we can sleep in a bit, fix things in the house, and go for long walks with cooper. Till next time!

Posted 11/22/2010 9:15am by Gayle Ganser.

Sore backs, aching shoulders, coffee and donuts. Must mean the Christmas trees were delivered. Yes, bright and early this morning we received our load of gorgeous fresh cut evergreen trees from our dear friends Chip and Debbie Jarrard of Roaring Creek Evergreens in Bloomsburg. Thanks to Tina, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Alex and Blake for coming out so early to help with the unloading. It made for easier work for Steve and I. Tomorow we hope to get them all displayed and ready for everyone to see. Over the weekend Tina and I worked on making logs and decorating wreathes. Steve has been chained to the greenhouse making all the fresh wreaths. As usual he is doing a great job. They are beautiful. Stop in to see all our handiwork and pick up a fresh decoration for your home. Save the date, Dec. 4th and 5th for open house. I will be baking those kiffles soon. We hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. Still plenty of apples, pumpkins and veggies for your dinners and desserts. Open Tuesday, Wed, and then Fri Sat and Sunday this week.