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UPDATE ON OPENING 2020/Curbside Pickup

Posted 4/5/2020 3:31pm by Gayle Ganser.

Opening Update!

Hello everyone just a quick update on our re-opening scheduled for Thursday April 9th . We will be doing curbside only sales till further notice.We have three ways you can order.

  1. Online ordering through our newly created online store. This link will be made live early next week on our Facebook page, Instagram and website. It should be self explanatory. It will list literally everything we have in the store along with the inventory we have. It also allows for online payment. Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation when we have it ready for you to come to the store and pick up, at the same time we will ask your make, model and color of car. When we see you arrive we will bring the order to your trunk with no contact to anyone in your car. This procedure is the same for all ways of ordering.                                                                             
  2. Phone orders. You can call the store (610)395-8620 with your order and give us your credit card info over the phone. We will then tell you approximately when the order will be ready.  Please no calls before opening day. You can also call in an order from the parking lot but please understand it may take some time to get your order together.      
  3. Facebook messenger. You can message us through Facebook and also pay by credit card on there.

All this should start to become clear (we hope) once we open and start selling. As you are being asked everywhere we ask for patience till we get this thing moving. It’s been a real learning experience so far and I’m sure we still have much to learn. We know this is lengthy but we are receiving lots of questions. Hope this explains it a little better.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged or emailed us. We are trying to get back to everyone but as you can imagine besides being in the greenhouses and fields we are setting up an entirely new way of selling so we may not get back as quickly as we would usually.

Thank you for all your excitement for our opening. We look forward to getting this thing rolling!!

--Eagle Point