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Open gate tour and fall fest

Posted 10/18/2010 7:27am by Gayle Ganser.

Our fall fest and open gate tour were a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out. We know everyone enjoyed themselves. We are very tired today. These events take alot of work and prep. Thanks to my great employees present and past who worked their tails off all day. We had about 800 people in our small place. It was crazy but lots of fun. The bluegrass duo did a fabulous job, the kids had a ball dancing to the music. Vyncrest Winey's wine tasting was also a hit. Everyone specially enjoyed their Autmn Gold. You have to go there and get some. Its delicious. Thanks to Jaime for manning that stand along with Klein Farms delicious homemade cheeses and dips. We will be re-stocking at the end of this week. So stop on in and get some if you missed it this weekend. Stacy from "Ol Schoolhouse Bakery(our great baked good lady) had yummy apple dumplings, pies, pumpkin rolls.  Everyone who got some of those are enjoying them for breakfast this morning. Thanks for coming Stacey! New this year was Way Har Farms pumpkin ice ceam. Sarah was our premier dipper and people loved it. Delicious!!! Sarah is probably still sticky today, Thanks Sarah!!  We had lots of food tasting inside. Local apples, apple cider, our own homemade salsa and chips, vegetable dill dip, and our homemade peseves. It was had to keep the tastings full. Everyone enjoyed this! One of our most unique features and yesterday's  busiest was the "Make Your Own Caramel Apples".  Thank you to my dear friend Audrey Merkel(Strawberry Hill) for manning this stand again this year. Audrey did not have much time to breathe, but she handled it superbly, probably won't want to look at caramel for a long time!  Everyone should check out Audrey and Niel's farm in June. Pick your own delicous strawberries. I can't forget Neil who loaned us his big canopy, but also had to set it up and take it down. Thank you Neil!!  We almost forgot we had a face painter in the greenhouse, since we didn't see her all day. Jesse must have painted hundreds of arms, faces, foreheads, some more than once. Thanks Jesse, you did a great job. The kids loved both face painting and pumpkin painting. Next year we'll have to get you some help! Of course fresh produce is what we are all about and it was a challenge to keep the displays full. Thanks to my wonderful daughter who kept it under control. Probably the biggest challenge was making her way thorugh the crowd. Thanks honey, couldn't have done it without you! We figured about 400 cars came and went in our small parking lot yesterday and thanks to one of my newer employees Alex for doing a great job parking all those people. Thanks Alex! The line at the register was always very long! Anyone who has ever worked retail knows how demanding that can be. My two "register girls" never waivered. They were as nice and patient with the last customer as they were the first. Thanks Debi and Kaitlyn. I don't know how you did it all day!! I guess Tuesday will come around too fast! Of course I can't forget Steve. He was our PR man. He was actually hoarse by the end of the day. He doesn't get off the farm much and made good use of his time yesterday. Thank you Steve!!  Thanks too to Tina, who was drinking a margurita on the beach in Mexico during all this, but who of course keeps me straight, and organized us all week before her departure for vacation. We did comment how she didn't know what she was missing during all the craziness(or did she?) Thanks everyone, look forward to another great one next year!!!