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New Farmer Workshop

Posted 4/10/2010 5:42pm by Gayle Ganser.

What an interesting day. We hosted a  county extension new farmer workshop at the farm today. Eighteeen new or want to be farmers convened at the farm to learn about greenhouse management and seed starting and transplanting. Everyone was great and  I believe we all learned something from the hands on workshop. Tianna Dupont from extension ran the class which started at the Lehigh County Ag office in the morning and then finished at our farm. When everyone arrived they first enjoyed their packed lunches in our backyard amid all the cats, curious dog and my cute Donkey Noah. Then it was on to the workshop. Steve first started with grenhouse management. The hows and whys of or greenhouse structures. Tianna then did a session on making your own soil mixes which was very interesting, since we buy our mix. She also showed them how to make soil blocks for starting your seed in. These were very interesting and something I was not familiar with. Next we split the group and  Steve covered seeding techniques with Tianna while I went over transplanting. Everyone had a hand in it and I think we all had fun while learniing some new things.Although we are a bit tired, it was a great day. We love being able to help other people who have an interest in agriculture. We hope all who attended enjoyed the experience as much as us. Thanks Tianna for asking us!!